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Strip & Retile

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A solid roof is pretty crucial if you have become accustomed to a cosy leak free home. We will only quote for the work that is necessary and will use the existing tiles or slates and match in any extra tiles or slates that may be required. We have access to a vast range of colours in either clay or concrete tiles. The process gives an old roof a new lease of life.

Here’s how to notice and deal with any potential issues before they become big ones:

1. A roof should last between 20-30 years, if you have an older roof even if it looks good from the ground there could be problems that you have not noticed.

2. If neighbours that live in your development start to replace their roof this could be a sign that you should do the same.

3. Roof is leaking.

4. Tiles have lifted and cracked causing leaks inside.

5. Batten has become rotten due to water ingress.

6. Membrane (felt) has become ripped and worn.

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