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Porch Builders

Oxfordshire, Berkshire and Wiltshire

We can supply and fit any house porches, all shapes and sizes. We will do a site visit and assess your requirements, giving advice and discussions on what materials will be used i.e. Timber, UPVC, Plastic, Tiles ( to match existing tiles already on roof ) We source our porches from or we can build on site, over door canopy’s and car ports plus bay windows.

Generally timber porches do not require planning permission, if it does we can advise on what needs to be done and what relevant people you would need to speak too. We can advise on what porch you would like whether it is a modern look or a more traditional one. We can make your home look interesting with a wide range of roof designs, Pitched Roofs, Flat Roofs, Gable Roofs and Hipped of Ridged Roofs to give a fantastic first impression to your home.

If your home already has wood features a timber porch would be more suitable to keep the same appearance.

At PPF Roofing we can construct brick porches that create a great focal point that will keep you and your family protected from the elements of the weather, giving you that extra storage as well as keeping your home tidy.

There are many uses for a brick porch such as keeping shoes and boots tidy, place to hang your coats and most importantly keeping you warm and secure. We will take care of everything that is required to construct your porch from the brickwork to the windows and roof design. All bricks used will be matched to the existing used on your property.

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